Blogging tour for newbie bloggers – Stretch don’t splatter

Blogging tour for newbie bloggers – Stretch don’t splatter

Thanks to Wendy for passing the blogging tour torch to me, her post can be found at

Taking part has been great learning for me, as I look back, at how I the first time around, when invited, I noticed a slight excited itch (something I’d normally call my intuition) only this first time, I quickly ignored it, as the thought of beginning my blog immediately concured unpleasant images up of me splattered and it felt very uncomfortable.

Then a couple of weeks later, the opportunity was there again, and I realised I couldn’t/shouldn’t ignore it one more time, because really what my intuition told me the first time, was not the unplesantness of it, it was telling me, that this was something that I was drawn to, something to be excited about, yes it was a stretch and something that would give me that gentle push I needed in order to get my blog going. Much better compared to the first time, when I listened to the fear and felt the vulnability full force, which convinced me not to take up the challenge.

So here I am stretching my comfort zone (learning and not splattered), and thinking about how to ensure that we trust our initial gut instict and then act on it.

First thing, you have to start noticing it…. too many people are living in their heads way too much. I once heard a speech by Sir Ken Robinson on and he said something that really made me laugh, and that I’ve remembered since, that “most academics only sees the body as something that carries the head around”.

Then second, you have to notice what happens immediatly afterwards, is your brain on overtime trying to figure out, whether this feeling is to be trusted or not. Either way, it is worth noticing, what you are telling yourself in that moment. Are you stopping yourself from a wanted long-term goal, because of short-term discomfort? That I am told, is what happens in so many cases. A simple example could be, when wanting to get in shape – will you go for that run after work, even though you’d much rather relax on the coach or read a story to your child? Hmmm I think I have been there… If you feel panicky about it, you could find a goal, which is a little closer to home to get you moving.

Thirdly, ACT on what it’s telling you, go for it or don’t go for it, the signs, good or bad, should be taken serious.

So now to the acting part/answering the four blog tour questions :-)

Q1. What am I working on?

Business wise I am working on creating and promoting the company I want, Creative Thinking DK, through my website, my blog and my professionel facebook page. This means being very visible – and therefor requires some personal mindset work as well.

I facilitate creativity and personal development, to develop new ideas and opportunities. I believe, that when you act from who you really are, and not from what other people think, it becomes easier and effortless to be creative and make the right decisions.

Q2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My toolbox comes from my unique combination of skills in communication, creative proces and idea development (Certified trainer by Edward de Bono), together with coaching tools focusing on what’s working and taking action (Master of New NLP) and my visual graphic design background. In my blog I’d love to inspire you to create new opportunities, take action and make a difference to others.

Q3. Why do I write what I do? 

Because making a positive difference to other people really makes me tick, and if I through stories and blogging, my own and others, sharing ideas and tools can create a few Aha’s to kickstart your journey, making a difference to yourself or others, then it is well worth it.

Q4. How does my writing process work?

Okay I admit, having a goal is not always enough, and a goal without a deadline is just a dream, so I have to write the goal and date down and make it visible. I work with mind maps on A3 paper with colours to generate ideas on subjects and on what to write. Then I agree on an intermediate goal, ex write the first paragraph tonight, and that get’s me started, and once I am started – really that’s the hardest part – the rest flows from there, as you can see/read.

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I’m now happy to pass the torch to the next blogger on the Writing Process Blog Tour, who I know from my amazing Uplevel Your Business group:

Kim Restivo is a counselor who guides and teaches children and teens to break through anxiety and fear to develop their inner confidence. She also empowers parents so they have the tools to help their kids. Kim has over 20 years of experience working with children and families as a teacher and a counselor. She is so excited to be offering group and online programs beginning this summer. Her blog link is also