People around you

People around you

I was standing in the middle of a huge crowd on a late summer night in Tivoli Gardens – the most beautiful funpark in the world in the center of Copenhagen DK – and I was feeling great.

Simple Minds were playing on stage and taking me way down memory lane… Yes I remember when they where ‘hot’ back in the eighties :-D. As I was looking around, at first I was thinking about the great people in my life now, and then second the people I was with back then. The way they effected me and my behaviours. Especially one friend I remembered made me smile, he always gave me good energy, which made me wonder, where he is today. and whether to seek him out.

Now reflecting on that night, and knowing it’s impossible to stay in touch with everyone you meet, I want to emphasize the importance of being around people like him, and being connected with people like him, even when you can’t meet face to face. Recently I got a long email from a friend, which really supported, inspired and touched me deeply. Thank you. Maybe write someone an email today!

AND put simply – surround yourself with people who gives you energy, who inspires you and you aspire to. That way it will also be a joy to give them back energy and inspiration, which in turn will also make you feel great.

Mirroring other people

It’s quite obvious to most, that the behaviour you have, are affecting the people around you, beacuse of our mirror neurons it’s pretty impossible not to. But what a lot of us don’t think about often is that, the people around us will carry that behaviour with them and then again influence the people around them. This was once explained to me in percentage:

If I am behaving 100% this-way I will influence the people around me with 70% of this-way, they will then bring this onwards with 30% to the people around them.

Imagine the chain reaction… make sure it is a good thing, that people are spreading from you.

It all starts with YOU! even if you are influenced by others negativity. I know – it’s so easy to go down that road. Instead, interupt the pattern – and decide to start an epidemic of good vibes.

Simple Minds for sure were rocking and spreading some good vibes that night ;-)


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